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About the REaL Door


Our forcible entry training doors are rugged beefy doors that allow for repeated use of conventional forcible entry. It provides the ability to adjust the resistance allowing users to get a dynamic experience. This also allows the user to strengthen their skills and abilities as the user improves their skills and abilities.  This is something many other props fail to provide.

Our door also provides a custom patented pending spring tensioned header system that allows for the tightness of the door to be adjusted. This alters the resistance provided by the door which causes users to encounter different setups, which in return strengthens the user’s skill base as they can encounter varying degrees of difficulty

Door Size


The door stands at approx. 6’ tall, which places it as one of the tallest forcible entry door props on the market. The door width is approx. 30” wide and the entire frame setup is about is approx. 40” wide with the base plate measuring approx. 48” long (40”x48”). Understand this is a beefy door made for abuse and is a heavy door, but is easy to brake down to assist in transportation needs.

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