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Rapid Intervention Team

All of our programs are set to establish and reinforce street proven fundamentals to solidify your foundational skill set.  Each of our programs can be tailored to your organizational needs.

RIT Programs



Our RIT courses focuses on three key components in dealing with rescuing downed or trapped firefighters: the mental capacity, hazard recognition, and the rescue.


Mental Capacity

This portion of the course is explained and examined to understand our physiological and physiological psychological make-up.  We look into how humans react to stress and what we can expect to when placed in a survival situation.  Understanding how our bodies react will allow us to better manage these reactions in the event of a survival situation.  Along with this,  we will push introduce you into environments that will demonstrate how your body reacts to stressful situations.


Hazard Recognition  

This portion of the course begins to introduce you into situations that will require intervention and rescue of downed or trapped firefighter/s.  Understanding the common circumstances that cause or play into the Mayday situations will allow for better understanding on how to become efficient problem solvers.  Developing systematic approaches and skill sets to assist in mitigating common Mayday situations will aide in the development of strengthened foundation.  By identifying common failures we will strengthen skills by utilizing time proven systems to increase efficiency through proficiency.


Downed Firefighter Removal 

Understanding how to work as a team to overcome the stressful environment of rescuing one of our own will be the focus.  By creating REaL stressors and REaL environments this course will create environments that will test your mental and physical limitations.  Rotating crews through positions of operations and working the command post will evolve your ability to operate if an event ever occurs.  Our goal is to place you in an environment that will cause you to understand your limitations and then allow us to exploit how to overcome them through REaLity based training evolutions.


This is a physically and mentally demanding course that is 16 hours, but we can tailor the course to cover specific portions of the program in 4hr or 8hr courses.    

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