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REaLity based training not theory based teaching!  
Our History


The two founders came together to honor a fallen brother that oozed passion for the fire service and always performed at the highest level on the fire ground.  After his passing the founders began an Engine Company Operations class in his memory and were humbled as every year it continued to sell out.  As outside organizations began to latch onto the material that was being presented it became evident that there was a need for material and training techniques that reinforce back to the basics material while creating Game Changers on the fireground. 


As the Annual 'Guy' Lawson Street Smart Engine Company Operations class continues to excel the ReAL family has begun to grow as well.  We have slowly gathered a strong, but diverse group of core instructors to ensure we continue to evolve and provided the most relevant and applicable material.  We are humbled by the relationships we have developed thus far, but are extremely excited about what lies in our future.    

Our Promise


We have seen the trends of fire service come and go, to different extents, but the mission of protecting the public from unrestrained fire has remained the same.  


Although tactics will continue to evolve and be debated, basic skill sets for effective fire ground operations should remain the highest priority and that is where we step in to assist you.  We are here to share our mistakes and misfortunes to ensure you are successful on the fire ground, EVERYTIME!!



Our System


REaL Fire Training is a unique training group.  Our core instructors come from a unique blend of backgrounds that entail military and collegiate level athletics.  Our military backgrounds have allowed us to understand a different aspect of physiological and psychological makeup to assist in sharing training priorities to build a muscle memory foundation.  While our instructor’s coaching backgrounds have allowed us to stream line key teaching components to identify and create an understandable way to breakdown portions of a skill to develop the memory of the muscle in a clear and understandable way.  This blend of approaches will allow it to help everyone in different ways while providing you with information to take back with you to share with your peers, but most importantly form you into a Game Changer on the fireground.               


Our presentations are innovative while at the same time simple in the fact that we encompass street proven techniques that revolve around basic skills. We are here to exploit the strengths and weaknesses of equipment and procedures, while building a foundation of specific fire ground skill sets.  Plain and simple we have not attempted to reinvent the wheel, but have placed our focus to create REaLity based training and not theory based teaching!.   



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