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Commonly we encounter fire fighters, fire officers, training officers, chiefs, etc. that have all voiced the same concern.  “How do I deliver clean and relevant?”  or “I just can’t think of a topic or topics to do training on.”  We agree, with the increasing workload of fire departments sometimes we simply need some help.  This is where Real Skills and Drills helps out.  Real Skills and Drills is an interactive revolving library of training topics designed for fire department training geared towards the station level. 


We have taken our years of experience from the military, coaching, instructing, and the fire ground to develop a library of skills and drills on various topics.  We have applied our methodology of developing and applying training programs to make them interactive for the you.  This is all here to help you to progressively strengthen your member’s foundational skill sets.


We provide a complete lesson plan that includes:

  • equipment lists

  • clear objectives

  • summary of the topic

  • step by step teaching points

  • measureable variables


As an additional element, most of our lesson plans include ways to increase stressors to the skills and drills.  This allows members to increase efficiency and proficiency while operating in elevated stress environments.

Finally, almost every lesson plan includes a form of multimedia.  This allows you to become more prepared when conducted training.  It also allows you a resource to assist in the instructor for the students to better understand the lesson if they are having difficulty performing the skill or they are misunderstanding portions of instruction. 

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