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3 Habits Productive Firefighters Find Time for Everyday - By John Reid

Being a firefighter is way more difficult than just being a “firefighter”. We can get lost in all the other “stuff”. We can make the most of our day by keeping a laser like focus on key habits that will make us more productive.

Below are 3 habits that you can create in your daily routine. Just as much as you rely on that cup of coffee in the morning, you can turn these actions into habits that you complete every day.

  • Maintenance of Equipment

  • Keeping our equipment in top condition is a daily priority. However, we normally see a trend of basic neglect. Take care of your equipment as if lives depend on, because LIVES DO DEPEND ON IT! PERIOD.

  • Research​

  • Reading Blogs, job related books, trade magazines, user manuals, map books and other information sources provides ourselves with the ability to learn from first hand experiences of others, and industry experts. Many might discredit this productive habit however, being unaware of new techniques, science, or information makes you misinformed, and a liability on the fireground. Knowledge is power

  • Hands on Training

  • Hands on training allows you to self-evaluate yourself. This self-evaluation will let you know what skills you need to work on. There is a direct correlation of success on the fire ground with REaListic training.

Creating new habits is hard work. The reward is unremarkable.


“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.” - Aristole

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