***Lunch is provided and all proceeds are to be donated to Vigilant Watch, Inc.*** 


Location: 7120 Graby Street, Norfolk Va 23505

Date: Saturday - November 16, 2019

Time: 0830-1700


Incident command systems are often overdone or underdone. Cumbersome command practices that allow the building to burn down while command is “setup” are just as frustrating and problematic as the lack of any strong direction and organization.


Departments must avoid impractical command practices that slow or hamper putting the fire out, but must also avoid a lack of strong command that fails to organize the incident and aggressively deploy crews to solve the problem. This program discusses best practices that incident commanders can use to maximize the capabilities of their firefighting forces.


Utilizing audio, video, and studies of actual incidents the instructors will reflect on their successes and failures at incidents. Topics will be discussed with the goal of sharing actionable knowledge, processes, and systems that can be immediately applied to improve the practicality and success of your command system.


This topic is designed not only for chief officers, but for company officers as well. A strong understanding of each other’s jobs and a mutual respect are imperative for any incident’s success. This program will serve as a forum for chiefs and officers to discuss and learn about each other’s roles, the jobs of each within the command system and practices that will make each more successful – individually and as a team.


Presented By: Chief Nick Martin


Nick Martin is presently a Battalion Chief with the City of Salisbury Fire Department in North Carolina. He previously served as the Chief of Training for the City of Columbia, South Carolina and as a Lieutenant with the District of Columbia Fire Department. He has presented for many years at FDIC as a classroom and hands-on instructor and has authored numerous articles for Fire Engineering magazine. Nick is a vice-president with Traditions Training, LLC and earned a bachelors of fire science from the University of Maryland and his MS in public safety management from Johns Hopkins University.


A personal note… My career began in 1994 in my hometown of Swarthmore, PA. Since then I have been privileged to be surrounded by great, motivated firefighters who have taught me everything I know. My passion is for firefighting excellence, driven by our uncompromisable responsibility for excellent service to our citizens. I enjoy passing on the information, classroom and hands-on, that I have learned from my mentors and from good and bad experiences on the fireground. My goal is to pass on what was passed to me with the hopes that I can improve the ability, mindset, and experiences of other firefighters.

8 hour-Aggressive Command Supports Aggressive Firefighting (Lunch included)


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